What it means when you see triple numbers.

triple numbers

Chances are you’ve seen triple numbers or particular number sequences and wondered what they mean. Whether you’ve seen triple numbers on a license plate or during a certain time of day, your attraction to triple numbers is no coincidence. Each number sequence has meaning, as it’s the Universe’s way of communicating with you. Next time you see a number sequence, use this how-to guide to understand the numerology meaning of triple numbers.

Numero Refresher: Your Numerology Birth Chart Numbers are numbers that serve as guides to your inner-self based on the energy of the date you were born. Your Numerology Ruling Number is your ultimate Life Path number, which is your birthday reduced to a single or double number, again drawing from the energy of your birthday numbers. Triple Numbers are clear messages from the Universe that are intended to guide you in your daily life. These numbers draw from the energy of individual numbers that have no relation to your individual birthday number meaning.

111, 1111 – One is the first Physical number, the only absolute number and the symbol of divine expression. This is the sign of New Beginnings. Seeing this sign after thinking or feeling something about a topic indicates that these thoughts will lead to newness or change in your daily life.

222, 2222 – Two is the first feeling number and the gateway to your sensitivities. The Universe will show you this sign to support what you are thinking. It is a reminder to listen to your intuition.  

333, 3333 – Three is the first mind number and the gateway to rational thinking. This sequence indicates that you need to put more rational thought behind your feelings in order to bring balance into your path.

444, 4444 – Four represents physical doing, organization and practicality. It’s symbol is the square which is the basis of all practical construction. When you see this sequence, it means that you need to reevaluate the foundation on which you are pursuing your current thoughts or actions. Are they coming from a pure and true place?

555, 5555 – Five is the center of the Spiritual Plane representing love and freedom of expression. When you see this number sequence, it is the Universe asking you to consider the recent change of mind you’ve had and whether it’s coming from a place of love and true expression.

666, 6666 – Six is on the center of the Mental Plane and can represent creativity or destruction, which is the opposite of creativity. Therefore, when you see this number sequence, it is the Universe warning you of imbalance present in your life. Imbalance can lead to stress and anxiety, so take this as a sign to really reflect on what could be bringing you worry so you can fix it.

777, 7777 – Seven is the learning and teaching number and the symbol for philosophical understanding. When you see this number sequence, it is the Universe telling you that a lesson has been learned. This sequence lets you know that lessons of love, money or health have been learned or that you will need to prepare for such lessons and approach them from a place of power rather than weakness.

888, 8888 – Eight is the most active spiritual number and is the number of wisdom expressed through loving action. With this number sequence, the Universe is nodding to either an awakening within or bringing independence into your focus. It is a hug from the Universe acknowledging your soul is on the right track.

999, 9999 – Nine represents the mind in action, encompassing ambition, responsibility and idealism. When you see this number sequence, it is the Universe telling you to act on your current altruistic thoughts. Whether you’re considering helping someone or taking on new responsibility, this is the sign to put those thoughts into action.

000, 0000 – Zero is a symbol rather than a number and represents nothing and everything. It is a mystic number which the Universe uses to show you that you are seen and loved. This number sequence is a reminder that you have an inherent spirituality that can assist you in understanding some of the deeper aspects of life.


The guide to your Life Path numbers.


Image via Weronika Marianna

Evolution of self is perhaps the greatest purpose in life. Your Life Path is never ending and in complete harmony with the law of the Universe. Your Ruling Number is the guide to the path of self improvement and progress in life. Some people never evolve beyond their Basic Self and others are never content with the constraints that their Ruling Number seem to have on them. However, in order to evolve and grow you must form a nurturing foundation of what is. In other words, to grow beyond your Ruling Number, you first have to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses to become more.


Numero Refresher: You can find your Ruling Number by reducing the numbers in your birthday to a single or double number. See example How-To here.


Ruling Number 2:

You are generally a sensitive, supportive and unassuming person. While you possess the desire to lead, you work very well under dynamic leadership. You are unique in that you provide loyal and intuitive support. You do well at your own pace but can become flustered if having to be rushed. Your best expression is delicate through art or writing as guided through your intuition.


Ruling Number 3:

You are an insatiable thinker since you are ruled by the Mind Plane. You are driven by your mental capabilities which include planning and analyzing. You are mentally alert and have a keen sense of humor. Your natural wit makes you fun to be around for those who understand it. You generally have a successful working and social life though you can be critical and intense at times. Not living positively, you can have an unpleasant arrogance and find fault in those closest to you. This constant criticism can be detrimental to relationships, so make sure you are practicing balance and grace.


Ruling Number 4:

You live on the Physical Plane and are easily gratified by material things. Much of your experience is related to the material aspects of life. You emphasize physical expression and experience, but as you evolve you embrace the more practical aspects to Ruling Number 4 such as organization and building a foundation for life. You enjoy making money and are more orthodox than adventurous. You can rarely sit still and are always on the go You are systematic, trustworthy and reliable. You can be extremely patient with practical things, but when it comes to intellectual or spiritual aspect, you are impatient. It is normal for you to become absorbed in your work and neglect balance, especially at home. As you neglect balance, you can become frustratedly ambitious and materialistic leading to chronic unhappiness.


Ruling Number 5:

People with Ruling Number 5 strive to be free from construction. You have a highly sensitive nature and inherent need to express your feelings. The mastery of sensitive expression is your ultimate purpose and can only be achieved when adequate freedom prevails. You are on a constant journey to seek understanding of your emotions, though few realize that your drive for freedom is so you can live completely free. You find it hard to work regulated hours and can have a strong desire to travel or have frequent job changes. Doing so with awareness can help you attain freedom and enlightenment. You have a strong artistic flair and are usually good natured that loves people and seeing others enjoy life. If your freedom is hindered you can become moody or rebellious.


Ruling Number 6:

Ruling Number 6 is the number of extremes depending on if you’re living positively or negatively. You have potential for great power living positively but can become extreme worriers if you’re living negatively or without balance. You have extreme creative potential but can be self-destructive with extreme doubt and worry. You excel when you can creative either publicly or privately at home. You feel your home is the most important place and enjoy spending time with loved ones. You are loving, unselfish and tolerant. If you don’t have balance, it’s very easy for you to be critical, whiny and worrisome. Don’t let your loving concern or possessiveness distract you from your freedom of expression.


Ruling Number 7:

You gain maximum life experience through life’s lessons often times via personal sacrifice. You have a limitless capacity for learning as well as teaching. You enjoy sharing your experiences which lends to having a profound philosophy on life. You have the need to learn, but you must do so in your own way. You accept minimum direction from others and you are hungry to learn by personal expression and involvement. You driving force is the need for personal experience which makes you inherently active in life. You have a natural fortitude and self-confidence which helps you handle life’s lessons. If you do not approach life through learning by lesson, you can live a sad life by not learning from your experiences. You will give advice to others but not take the same advice.


Ruling Number 8:

Independence is one of the most important aspects to you. You can be very complex and possess great wisdom and strength in character. You have enormous potential to be successful in business and have a great capacity for compassion and sympathy for those in need. You can have a hard time expressing love or appreciation which can hinder your relationships. You take pride in your appearance and appreciate the way others look as well. You have a self-confident manner that can come across as coolness or indifference. You often find difficulty in you love relationships because you can’t always express your feelings. Your difficulty with self-expression usually diminishes with maturity. As you learn to express your feelings more fluently, you increase in happiness and personal security.


Ruling Number 9:

Your prime motivation is to put people before things. You are ambitious, responsible and idealistic. While you are ambitious, you are more inclined to be concerned with the plan than the details. You find it easier to give or spend money than to save and can be a poor financial planner. You are connected to deeper levels of artistic expression. You have a high sense of personal responsibility and are disappointed when others aren’t so inclined. You have definitive thoughts on life, ideals and how people should be motivated.


Ruling Number 10:

Ruling Number 10 has the greatest range of expression. Living positively, you have a very likeable personality. You are very adaptable and have potential for brilliant success. You are innately flexible which is a great asset when it comes to adjusting to life’s changes. You are naturally fearless and have a giddy excitement for life. When there isn’t balance, you can be insecure and dependent on others without even knowing why. You must avoid being lazy in life and must recognise the need to develop self-discipline to overcome melancholy and emotional insecurity You need to recognize your potential for the exceptional and practice mediation and self-care throughout life to tap into your inner-strength. Without this balance, it is easy for you to become lost in conformity and to be accepting of mediocrity.


Ruling Number 11:

A high level of spirituality surrounds Ruling Number 11, though most people with this number fail to develop such awareness of Higher Self. You have great potential to guide others into enlightenment and awareness, but you are easily enticed by life’s physical attractions and diverted by your highest purpose. You are a lover of refinement, beauty and cultural values of life because it liberates you to express your innate beauty and spirituality. When you’re living naturally, you are dependable and honest with a deep love for family. When you are misdirected from your true path, you become bitter, spiteful and indifferent in attitude toward other people. You become lost and apathetic finding little solace in the material world.


Ruling Number 22/4:

The most powerful number, people born with 22 have an almost limitless potential to make their mark in life by achieving their goals. There are two types, however – the aware and unaware. Those who are aware harness their divine intuitivity of their life path as a double Ruling Number 2. Those who are unaware take on negative characteristics found in Ruling Number 4.  One noticeable trait of 22’s is your apparent lack of emotions. You have extreme emotional control which is regarded as anti-reactive rather than detached. You are actually sensitive, highly intuitive and a quick learner to a point where it seems like you’ve lived and learned in a life before. Your capacity for responsibility is almost limitless. You have a considerable aptitude for work and are obsessed with achieving. Those who use their strengths for good are highly successful. Those who do not, take on the negative aspects of Ruling Number 4, but worse. When this happens, they live life materialistically and have an obsession for money, become aloof and unhappy.


Decoding the numerological meaning of your birthday numbers.

numerology birth chart

The Birth Chart comes from the teachings of Pythagoras and follows his beliefs that humans consist of three very distinct planes: Physical, Spiritual and Mental. Each Plane is connected and expressed in varying degrees through your birth numbers and are represented on each area of the Birth Chart.
All of the nine numbers rest on the Birth Chart which looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Zero is absent from the Birth Chart because it is not a number, but rather a symbol of nothing and infinity alike, per Pythagorean teachings on numerology.

Here’s how to draw your own Birth Chart:

Step 1: Draw out a tic-tac-toe board. It may be helpful to draw two – one empty chart for you to fill in your birthday numbers and a second as reference for the placement of each of the numbers that make up the Birth Chart.
Step 2: Write our your birthday in number format. For example, if your birthday is July 7, 1991 it will look like this, 7, 7, 1991.
Step 3: Write all of the numbers of your birthday on the Birth Chart. If you have zeros in your birthday, leave them off the chart.
Example: The month of July (7) and the day (7) will go on the 7 section. The two 1’s will each go on the 1 section, and the two 9’s will go on the 9 section of the Birth Chart.
Now that you know how to draw your own Birth Chart, you can dig into the meaning of each number and what they represent as well as what the Planes mean in relation to your numerological identity.


Virgo’s influence for the month of September.

virgo illustration katy smail

Illustrated by Katy Smail

There are certain vibrational influences when a person is born. They can be analyzed numerologically to asses individual personality via a person’s date of birth. This is the basis of numerology. At the same time of someone’s birth, the earth is also receiving vibrational influences from the sun and its position in relation to celestial bodies and constellations. This is the basis of astrology.

Virgo – August 23 to September 22


Be cautious of letting your innate pull to perfection throw you off balance and push you into over-anxiety. Showing yourself grace and patience will do you good. You work best under encouraging, appreciative direction, so make sure to guard yourself from doubting emotions that may arise when you don’t receive constructive criticism, particularly at work or with your significant other. While your default may be to criticize yourself, don’t obsess over the small things.


The bowels and skin play a vital role in the health of every person, but especially for Virgo. There is a tendency for you to suffer from clogged respiratory and pores, impeding the elimination of toxic matter through perspiration. This can also affect your temperature, making you feel sluggish and craving cool air. Foods rich in potassium sulphate, which help with cleansing, will help you greatly. These include: green vegetables, raw hazelnuts, dried figs and raisins, avocado, carrots, corn, and eggplant. Exercises where you sweat, such as heated yoga or pilates, will also help you clear toxins and feel more balanced physically.


Awareness cannot be achieved when emphasis is directed toward the physical body or its sensational involvement. For example, just because you enjoy being active and one with nature, does not necessarily mean you are learning to be one with yourself. You must learn to look within and be open to listening to your inner voice. That is the start of consciousness.


Three simple steps to start using healing crystals.

healing crystals

Healing crystals are believed to have healing powers because of their powerful energy vibrations that are literally connected to the environment from which they come. Science tells us that everything is made from atoms and energy that is neither created nor destroyed, so it’s not too far fetched to believe that the same types of material found in things that power our world in a practical way (buildings, technology, aircraft, and more) can function in ways that power our mind, body and spirit in both a physical and spiritual way.

There have been numerous scientific studies done about the function of crystals for practical and metaphysical usage. One of the first pieces of scientific evidence relating to the power of crystals was done by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. Under a microscope, Vogel found that growing crystals took the form of whatever he was thinking about. He hypothesized that these vibrations are the result of the constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules. He also tested the metaphysical power of quartz crystal and proved that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.


Step One: Choose Your Crystal

The crystals will choose you.

Each crystal has a unique vibration energy that works to clear and ward off negative energy. Crystal experts often say that the crystal chooses you instead of the other way around. You’ll want to browse crystals either in person or online and see what appeals to you. It could be a certain color or pattern of the crystal that attracts your attention or it could be something deeper that is pulling you in. Either way, go for it!

Step 2: Think About and Craft Your Intention

What is it that you want to manifest?

Thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for achieving happiness, well-being and balance.  Intentions are like magnets. They attract what will make them come true. Create your intention by setting goals that align with your values, aspirations, and purpose. A thoughtful and specific intention is a great starting point for healing crystals because specific intentions instilled into your daily thought patterns also become part of its energy.

Step 3: Program Your Crystals

Programming your crystal is simple. The first step is to cleanse your crystal. You can choose your preferred method of clearing by what resonates with you the most. You can immerse your crystals in the smoke of burning sage, or you can place your crystals in direct sunlight for a few hours to recharge them with the sun’s energy. Next, hold the charged crystal in your hand. While breathing calmly think of your intentions. Ask the crystal to clear its energy and accept and hold your intentions that you will then speak in your mind.

Now that you know the three simple steps to use healing crystals, you can speak good intentions into your crystals anytime you want to recharge your desires. Have another intention? Cleanse your crystal as you did before with burning sage or sunlight, and pre-program your crystal for new desires and intentions.


A do-it-yourself ritual vignette to help you manifest good intentions.

bohemian ritual altar


Having a small space that represents the good vibes you want to manifest is a great way to bring balance and positive energy in your home. A vignette of items that represent joy, calm and peace is easily achievable by creating a Ritual Altar that serves as a visual reminder for gratitude and the power within.

What is a Ritual Altar?

Rituals can be anything you do in habit or ceremony, no matter how big or small. Borrowed from the traditional prayer altar, which is a structure where offerings are made for religious purposes, a Ritual Altar can be as formal or informal as you need it to be and is intended to be your sacred intentions space where you can pray, manifest, dream, or simply wink at everyday.

Here are some do-it-yourself ideas for making your own Bohemian Ritual Altar.

  1. Write your weekly intentions on this pretty notepad.
  2. A minimalist brass bowl to hold your intentions and notes.
  3. Try keeping a live plant in this ceramic planter as a reminder to tend to your ritual altar.
  4. Blue agate is an excellent emotional healing stone that brings tranquility and lessons nervous tension.
  5. Program your intentions and desires into rose quartz crystals, which hold your energy and vibrations.
  6. Use sage smudge sticks to cleanse your stones from previous intentions and your home from negative energy.
  7. A geometric gold tray serves as the base of your ritual altar.
  8. Keep your favorite candle on your ritual altar to stimulate positive feelings.

What all of your Birth Chart Numbers mean.

birth chart numbers tips
The Birth Chart comes from the teachings of Pythagoras and follows his beliefs that humans consist of three very distinct planes: Physical, Spiritual and Mental. Each Plane is connected and expressed in varying degrees through your birth numbers and are represented on each area of the Birth Chart.
All of the nine numbers rest on the Birth Chart which looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Zero is absent from the Birth Chart because it is not a number, but rather a symbol of nothing and infinity alike, per Pythagorean teachings on numerology.
To find your Birth Chart Numbers, write out you birthday in number format. The amount of each number in your birthday have meaning, which are summarized below. Note, the numbers in your Birth Chart are meaningful but not as important as what you do with what is missing. Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses is important to your life path and discovering and improving who you are. 

While you are a great communicator, you can sometimes have difficulty verbally expressing your inner feelings. You must master your confidence of self in order to express your true feelings more easily.  If you don’t, you can develop a habit of saying the opposite of what you mean or expressing yourself in a passive-aggressive manner. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean with confidence.

You have a balanced sense of self-expression. This is a very lucky trait to have because you can often see both sides of a situation. This allows you to take in various perspectives and articulate them effectively. On the flip side, this balanced trait can also make you waiver in your opinions rather than taking a firm stance on a situation. While it’s great that you can understand multiple sides of an argument, for example, make sure that you verbalize your feelings truly and consciously.

There are two distinct types of expression here. You can be a talkative chatterbox with bright and interesting things to talk about with others, and you like to be involved in many activities. Or you are generally quiet, introspective and even shy. You typically retreat inwardly to recover from chaos or eventful days, but are confident in your sensitivity and feelings. You can express yourself well through writing.

You are often misunderstood because you have difficulty expressing yourself verbally. You hide your true emotions behind a smile and really only identify with those with whom you share deep feelings. You need to work on developing confidence in communicating freely rather than letting emotions build up inside. 

You have a natural intuition which makes understanding your feelings a lot easier than others. Although you are instinctively in tune with your feelings, you may need to work on not letting your emotions get the best of you especially in business and work. You have great potential to compete career-wise because you are intuitive, but you’ll need ample time to relax and decompress to regain balance.

You have an above average ability to understand people and circumstance because of your heightened intuition and sensitivity. You have a very reliable guide when it comes to first impressions and can form an almost accurate opinion of others when you meet them. You want to make sure you balance out your super intuitive powers with non-judgment, however, so that you aren’t too quick to judge even though you’re quick to read.

Your excess intuitively can lead to imbalance. You are highly in tune with your feelings but also latch onto other people’s problems too. You have an ability to express an array of feelings–often through acting, theater, comedy etc–but can have difficulty expressing deep personal feelings truthfully. You’ll want to work on self-confidence and connecting with others you trust to share your real feelings. 

You take on the traits of the above but with a higher level of impressionability. Because of this, your intuition can be extremely unreliable. 

You have a natural ability to maintain mental tasks. You have a balanced and optimistic understanding of life and are generally happy. You can do most tasks successfully and have an average level of self-confidence. 

Because of your strong mental capacity you have an increased imagination and literary ability. You’ll want to make sure you channel your smarts and imagination into varied outlets including socializing so that you avoid antisocial behavior.

You have a brilliant imagination but run the risk of getting stuck in your own reality. It can be hard to focus on the present for you, so you’ll want to make sure you take the time to be in the now. You have a strong mental presence which can distract you from your spiritual plane. You are smart and imaginative but you need to make it a priority to focus on being present and doing physical activities that get you out of your head.

The next amount of 3’s won’t happen until 3/3/2033. These folks will take on the traits of the above but risk being prone to having no physical or emotional regard. These people will need to consciously seek balance in their lives so they don’t live an aloof or fragile existence.

You are typically active people who express a natural identity with practical things including technical, financial and physical. You prefer to work with concrete concepts, and spiritual and emotional subjects can seem like distant relatives to you. Because you essentially live on the Physical plane, you can be materialistic. You must try to find and practice balance between the physical and spiritual world in order to grow in consciousness.

The more 4’s, the greater the need to develop balance between physical, mental, spiritual planes. You’ll want to make a conscious effort to choose your friends wisely since you can tend to gravitate toward people of the extreme of your negative traits, which is materialism. You fair well with people who enjoy aesthetic and cultural aspects of life, but make sure you seek depth over surface. 

Greater intensity of double 4. You are very physical and materialistic. You also have a constant pull toward hard work to a point of exhaustion rather than mastery. This can burn you out very quickly. Seek balance in the conscious and spiritual world.

5 is the equivalent of the heart chakra because it exists in the middle of the Birth Chart. You have a balanced personality because you literally touch every number. You have emotional control and are adept for taking suitable courses of action. You understand your own feelings and have a deep appreciation for others.

You can come across as intense because you are so passionate. This intensity comes across as confident and self-assured, which can make you feel misunderstood at times. You must learn to not blow things out of proportion and over stress your mind and body.

You are emotionally intense, extremely driven and sensitive. You take on the traits of 55 but with greater intensity. Finding balance with the proverbial chill-pill will be a lifelong challenge for you.

You have a strong sense of creative expression with a deep love of the home. You have a strong focus on domestic responsibility and being home with family and close friends. With discovery, you will seek satisfaction outside of domesticity that will blossom from the mastery of creativity put in action.

Depending on how your were raised, double six can be a winning challenge or a great obstacle. Less aware people with be more prone to stress, worry, anxiety because they find it difficult to figure out how to execute their creative side. This leads to imbalance and possessiveness. Having your creativity and intelligence nurtured from a young age and through supportive friendships and relationships is important to your confidence.

Women can be prone to being overly protective and possessively loving because they take on increased traits of six. You have to focus on finding balance by learning to let things go and let people, including your children, make mistakes. Perfection is a journey, not an actual destination. 

Sacrifices in love, money and health will occur in life, but you are well equipped to understand and overcome them. Love needs to be practiced unconditionally and without demands or expectations, and you have a natural ability to execute these. 

You take on the same traits of 7 but can be more prone to having to go through lessons that you will need to learn from in love, money and health. You will need to really focus on consciousness and spirituality so you don’t become resentful or bitter about the not-so-good things that happen in life. They are lessons, not set-backs.

You will have heavy loss in all aspects of life, which will lead to internal sadness. Such loss can make for a truly remarkable person if you can learn and prevail from life’s lessons. 

You have a strong desire for independence and are most methodical and meticulous when living positively. It may be hard for you to have a boss, particularly one that you feel you are smarter or more capable than. You’ll want to make sure you are living your life positively so that you don’t become disinterested in things that you are naturally good at or capable of achieving. 

You are inspired to travel and seek opportunities that stimulate you. You have a special attention to detail that is wonderful for certain aspects of your life. You are passionate and adventurous but you want to make sure that you balance the desire to try new things with your constant need to do and be more. Don’t burn yourself out looking for the destination. Enjoy the journey.

You may need more love and guidance to encourage you to adopt a positive outlook on life. Because of your need for adventure, independence and excitement, you may grow restless when you find that having it all at once can be a challenge. If you don’t have a positive outlet, you can start to feel like life is pointless. Once you’ve mastered balance and a positive lifestyle, independence and joy offer stability and foundation in your life.

You are extremely hyperactive and restless. You need to develop a strong sense of direction and go places often to cultivate your innate love of travel.

You are ambitious, responsible and idealistic. These powers have been the foundation of humanity’s driving force for the past century and have been responsible for our growth as a people. You will need to work on balancing your ambition and idealism with practical and esoteric responsibility. You have personal goals and passions, but you believe in doing something more and bigger than yourself. The pull of both will be your life’s challenge.

You are extremely optimistic and idealistic. You’re a deep thinker and helpful to others. Don’t become discouraged when others don’t have the same outlook as you do. Show them grace and continue to walk in the natural zeal you have for life.

Extreme idealism and ambition can be overwhelming for you. You can let small things consume you to a point of loss of emotional control. In addition to showing others grace, you must first work on showing yourself grace. 


brass bowl
eucalyptus oil
witch hazel
epsom salt
gold tray
zodiac cocktails book
Frida kahlo candle
the power of now book
crystal book
brass bowl
eucalyptus oil
witch hazel
epsom salt
gold tray
zodiac cocktails book
Frida kahlo candle
the power of now book
crystal book


Breaking down your numerology Ruling Number.

find your ruling number

Your Ruling Number is the sum of your birthday deduced to one or two numbers. This number represents your life’s purpose or Ultimate number as dictated by the Universal energy on the day on which you were born. Unlike your Birth Chart numbers, which serve as guides to the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, your Ruling Number represents the essence of who you are.
In simpler terms, think of your Ruling Number as the foundation of your home. They are the materials on which your house sits and the structure that makes your house stand. Your Birth Numbers represent everything that make up and support your home. They are your appliances, your flooring, walls, and even your decor.
Here’s an example. Your house was built from concrete with two floors supported by steal. It faces West and receives great sunlight in the afternoon, and a cool breeze at night. These are constant aspects of your house. Now, inside your home you have wood flooring, neutral walls that complement your furniture, photographs of your family in your hallways, and decorative items that make you feel comfortable in your space. These things may require maintenance over time or change depending on how your style or familiar needs evolve.

Your Ruling Number can define the overall makeup of your inner-self and who you are from a numerology stand point.