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Numeroguide is the modern woman’s numerology guide. This site focuses on the moments that allow you to embrace caring for yourself by understanding the way in which numbers guide your everyday lives mentally, spiritually and physically.

Through a conscious and mindful lens, Numeroguide encourages you to dig deeper and elevate higher in all aspects of your life. From career and money to physical and mental health, style, beauty, and home, this site offers inspiration layered with numerology and rituals that keep your spirit centered, while keeping good design on top of mind.

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As living, breathing, thinking, and feeling people, sometimes we need more answers to life in addition to what religion, politics and science offer. As a numbers person, history geek and deeply spiritual person, I’ve always been drawn to uncovering a deeper understanding of life through numbers. I wore a certain jersey number when I played sports in school because it felt good. I made sure that my phone number and license plate always had a certain number in them because it was good luck. I always noticed random number sequences during polarizing moments in my life. What’s been a lifelong fascination with numbers, and spirituality for that matter, is now explored here through Numeroguide. I’m taking the ancient numerological philosophy of Pythagoras (remember that guy from school?) and offering modern understanding and application for women, mystics, and everyone in between who welcome a bit more understanding of numerology, the Universe and perhaps themselves.

Disclaimer. I am not an expert on numerology. I am no scientist or scholar. I’m just a woman with a fascination of numbers and the ancient teachings beyond the practical. Naturally intuitive, I’ve lived my life listening to my inner voice, paying attention to signs from the Universe, prayer (lots of it), and applying good ‘ol ancient wisdom to my everyday.


Please tell me I’m not the only one! If you’re into the numbers like I am or have some pretty amazing stories about how numbers or numerology influenced your life in one capacity or another, email me at hello@numeroguide.com and follow Numeroguide on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

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