DIY Bohemian Ritual Altar

A do-it-yourself ritual vignette to help you manifest good intentions.

bohemian ritual altar


Having a small space that represents the good vibes you want to manifest is a great way to bring balance and positive energy in your home. A vignette of items that represent joy, calm and peace is easily achievable by creating a Ritual Altar that serves as a visual reminder for gratitude and the power within.

What is a Ritual Altar?

Rituals can be anything you do in habit or ceremony, no matter how big or small. Borrowed from the traditional prayer altar, which is a structure where offerings are made for religious purposes, a Ritual Altar can be as formal or informal as you need it to be and is intended to be your sacred intentions space where you can pray, manifest, dream, or simply wink at everyday.

Here are some do-it-yourself ideas for making your own Bohemian Ritual Altar.

  1. Write your weekly intentions on this pretty notepad.
  2. A minimalist brass bowl to hold your intentions and notes.
  3. Try keeping a live plant in this ceramic planter as a reminder to tend to your ritual altar.
  4. Blue agate is an excellent emotional healing stone that brings tranquility and lessons nervous tension.
  5. Program your intentions and desires into rose quartz crystals, which hold your energy and vibrations.
  6. Use sage smudge sticks to cleanse your stones from previous intentions and your home from negative energy.
  7. A geometric gold tray serves as the base of your ritual altar.
  8. Keep your favorite candle on your ritual altar to stimulate positive feelings.

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