How The Universe Communicates With Numbers

What it means when you see number sequences.

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Numbers are the universal form of communication. As humans, we all may speak different languages, pray to different gods, practice various rituals, and hold differing beliefs. The one constant in our existence, however, are numbers. This is why the Universe communicates to us through them.

No matter your religious beliefs or your cultural values, one thing is certain; numbers are everywhere. Even if you choose not to believe in numerology, chances are you’ve seen number sequences, and something inside of you has questioned their meaning. Communication can come from angels, God, spiritual guides, or whatever else you feel connected to. Numeroguide ascribes the word “Universe” to represent them all.  

Number sequences are communicated in many ways. The Universe may gently draw your attention toward a certain direction so that you’ll notice the clock’s time or a phone number. You may continue to see this particular sequence of numbers until you pause internally to ask, “What does this mean?” The Universe may arrange a meaningful number sequence to appear in front of  you on the license plate of a car. You know you’ve seen this before. You know you’ve questioned this before. This is another way the Universe communicates with you. Once you become adept at reading the meaning of numbers and sequences, you will start to understand their significance no matter how important or mundane.

The feeling you get when you see a sign is commonly described as spiritual attraction. For a moment, your eyes are magnetically drawn to a number sequence which has your complete attention. Pay attention the feeling you have when numbers appear. You do not need to look for signs or try to avoid them. They will find you regardless of your efforts. They happen naturally and will deliver their message in one form or another.

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