How To Do Your Numerology Birth Chart Numbers

Decoding the numerological meaning of your birthday numbers.

numerology birth chart

The Birth Chart comes from the teachings of Pythagoras and follows his beliefs that humans consist of three very distinct planes: Physical, Spiritual and Mental. Each Plane is connected and expressed in varying degrees through your birth numbers and are represented on each area of the Birth Chart.
All of the nine numbers rest on the Birth Chart which looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Zero is absent from the Birth Chart because it is not a number, but rather a symbol of nothing and infinity alike, per Pythagorean teachings on numerology.

Here’s how to draw your own Birth Chart:

Step 1: Draw out a tic-tac-toe board. It may be helpful to draw two – one empty chart for you to fill in your birthday numbers and a second as reference for the placement of each of the numbers that make up the Birth Chart.
Step 2: Write our your birthday in number format. For example, if your birthday is July 7, 1991 it will look like this, 7, 7, 1991.
Step 3: Write all of the numbers of your birthday on the Birth Chart. If you have zeros in your birthday, leave them off the chart.
Example: The month of July (7) and the day (7) will go on the 7 section. The two 1’s will each go on the 1 section, and the two 9’s will go on the 9 section of the Birth Chart.
Now that you know how to draw your own Birth Chart, you can dig into the meaning of each number and what they represent as well as what the Planes mean in relation to your numerological identity.


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