How To Find Your Numerology Ruling Number

Breaking down your numerology Ruling Number.

find your ruling number

Your Ruling Number is the sum of your birthday deduced to one or two numbers. This number represents your life’s purpose or Ultimate number as dictated by the Universal energy on the day on which you were born. Unlike your Birth Chart numbers, which serve as guides to the strengths and weaknesses of your personality, your Ruling Number represents the essence of who you are.
In simpler terms, think of your Ruling Number as the foundation of your home. They are the materials on which your house sits and the structure that makes your house stand. Your Birth Numbers represent everything that make up and support your home. They are your appliances, your flooring, walls, and even your decor.
Here’s an example. Your house was built from concrete with two floors supported by steal. It faces West and receives great sunlight in the afternoon, and a cool breeze at night. These are constant aspects of your house. Now, inside your home you have wood flooring, neutral walls that complement your furniture, photographs of your family in your hallways, and decorative items that make you feel comfortable in your space. These things may require maintenance over time or change depending on how your style or familiar needs evolve.

Your Ruling Number can define the overall makeup of your inner-self and who you are from a numerology stand point.



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