What Do Your Numerology Birth Chart Numbers Mean

What all of your Birth Chart Numbers mean.

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The Birth Chart comes from the teachings of Pythagoras and follows his beliefs that humans consist of three very distinct planes: Physical, Spiritual and Mental. Each Plane is connected and expressed in varying degrees through your birth numbers and are represented on each area of the Birth Chart.
All of the nine numbers rest on the Birth Chart which looks like a tic-tac-toe board. Zero is absent from the Birth Chart because it is not a number, but rather a symbol of nothing and infinity alike, per Pythagorean teachings on numerology.
To find your Birth Chart Numbers, write out you birthday in number format. The amount of each number in your birthday have meaning, which are summarized below. Note, the numbers in your Birth Chart are meaningful but not as important as what you do with what is missing. Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses is important to your life path and discovering and improving who you are. 

While you are a great communicator, you can sometimes have difficulty verbally expressing your inner feelings. You must master your confidence of self in order to express your true feelings more easily.  If you don’t, you can develop a habit of saying the opposite of what you mean or expressing yourself in a passive-aggressive manner. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean with confidence.

You have a balanced sense of self-expression. This is a very lucky trait to have because you can often see both sides of a situation. This allows you to take in various perspectives and articulate them effectively. On the flip side, this balanced trait can also make you waiver in your opinions rather than taking a firm stance on a situation. While it’s great that you can understand multiple sides of an argument, for example, make sure that you verbalize your feelings truly and consciously.

There are two distinct types of expression here. You can be a talkative chatterbox with bright and interesting things to talk about with others, and you like to be involved in many activities. Or you are generally quiet, introspective and even shy. You typically retreat inwardly to recover from chaos or eventful days, but are confident in your sensitivity and feelings. You can express yourself well through writing.

You are often misunderstood because you have difficulty expressing yourself verbally. You hide your true emotions behind a smile and really only identify with those with whom you share deep feelings. You need to work on developing confidence in communicating freely rather than letting emotions build up inside. 

You have a natural intuition which makes understanding your feelings a lot easier than others. Although you are instinctively in tune with your feelings, you may need to work on not letting your emotions get the best of you especially in business and work. You have great potential to compete career-wise because you are intuitive, but you’ll need ample time to relax and decompress to regain balance.

You have an above average ability to understand people and circumstance because of your heightened intuition and sensitivity. You have a very reliable guide when it comes to first impressions and can form an almost accurate opinion of others when you meet them. You want to make sure you balance out your super intuitive powers with non-judgment, however, so that you aren’t too quick to judge even though you’re quick to read.

Your excess intuitively can lead to imbalance. You are highly in tune with your feelings but also latch onto other people’s problems too. You have an ability to express an array of feelings–often through acting, theater, comedy etc–but can have difficulty expressing deep personal feelings truthfully. You’ll want to work on self-confidence and connecting with others you trust to share your real feelings. 

You take on the traits of the above but with a higher level of impressionability. Because of this, your intuition can be extremely unreliable. 

You have a natural ability to maintain mental tasks. You have a balanced and optimistic understanding of life and are generally happy. You can do most tasks successfully and have an average level of self-confidence. 

Because of your strong mental capacity you have an increased imagination and literary ability. You’ll want to make sure you channel your smarts and imagination into varied outlets including socializing so that you avoid antisocial behavior.

You have a brilliant imagination but run the risk of getting stuck in your own reality. It can be hard to focus on the present for you, so you’ll want to make sure you take the time to be in the now. You have a strong mental presence which can distract you from your spiritual plane. You are smart and imaginative but you need to make it a priority to focus on being present and doing physical activities that get you out of your head.

The next amount of 3’s won’t happen until 3/3/2033. These folks will take on the traits of the above but risk being prone to having no physical or emotional regard. These people will need to consciously seek balance in their lives so they don’t live an aloof or fragile existence.

You are typically active people who express a natural identity with practical things including technical, financial and physical. You prefer to work with concrete concepts, and spiritual and emotional subjects can seem like distant relatives to you. Because you essentially live on the Physical plane, you can be materialistic. You must try to find and practice balance between the physical and spiritual world in order to grow in consciousness.

The more 4’s, the greater the need to develop balance between physical, mental, spiritual planes. You’ll want to make a conscious effort to choose your friends wisely since you can tend to gravitate toward people of the extreme of your negative traits, which is materialism. You fair well with people who enjoy aesthetic and cultural aspects of life, but make sure you seek depth over surface. 

Greater intensity of double 4. You are very physical and materialistic. You also have a constant pull toward hard work to a point of exhaustion rather than mastery. This can burn you out very quickly. Seek balance in the conscious and spiritual world.

5 is the equivalent of the heart chakra because it exists in the middle of the Birth Chart. You have a balanced personality because you literally touch every number. You have emotional control and are adept for taking suitable courses of action. You understand your own feelings and have a deep appreciation for others.

You can come across as intense because you are so passionate. This intensity comes across as confident and self-assured, which can make you feel misunderstood at times. You must learn to not blow things out of proportion and over stress your mind and body.

You are emotionally intense, extremely driven and sensitive. You take on the traits of 55 but with greater intensity. Finding balance with the proverbial chill-pill will be a lifelong challenge for you.

You have a strong sense of creative expression with a deep love of the home. You have a strong focus on domestic responsibility and being home with family and close friends. With discovery, you will seek satisfaction outside of domesticity that will blossom from the mastery of creativity put in action.

Depending on how your were raised, double six can be a winning challenge or a great obstacle. Less aware people with be more prone to stress, worry, anxiety because they find it difficult to figure out how to execute their creative side. This leads to imbalance and possessiveness. Having your creativity and intelligence nurtured from a young age and through supportive friendships and relationships is important to your confidence.

Women can be prone to being overly protective and possessively loving because they take on increased traits of six. You have to focus on finding balance by learning to let things go and let people, including your children, make mistakes. Perfection is a journey, not an actual destination. 

Sacrifices in love, money and health will occur in life, but you are well equipped to understand and overcome them. Love needs to be practiced unconditionally and without demands or expectations, and you have a natural ability to execute these. 

You take on the same traits of 7 but can be more prone to having to go through lessons that you will need to learn from in love, money and health. You will need to really focus on consciousness and spirituality so you don’t become resentful or bitter about the not-so-good things that happen in life. They are lessons, not set-backs.

You will have heavy loss in all aspects of life, which will lead to internal sadness. Such loss can make for a truly remarkable person if you can learn and prevail from life’s lessons. 

You have a strong desire for independence and are most methodical and meticulous when living positively. It may be hard for you to have a boss, particularly one that you feel you are smarter or more capable than. You’ll want to make sure you are living your life positively so that you don’t become disinterested in things that you are naturally good at or capable of achieving. 

You are inspired to travel and seek opportunities that stimulate you. You have a special attention to detail that is wonderful for certain aspects of your life. You are passionate and adventurous but you want to make sure that you balance the desire to try new things with your constant need to do and be more. Don’t burn yourself out looking for the destination. Enjoy the journey.

You may need more love and guidance to encourage you to adopt a positive outlook on life. Because of your need for adventure, independence and excitement, you may grow restless when you find that having it all at once can be a challenge. If you don’t have a positive outlet, you can start to feel like life is pointless. Once you’ve mastered balance and a positive lifestyle, independence and joy offer stability and foundation in your life.

You are extremely hyperactive and restless. You need to develop a strong sense of direction and go places often to cultivate your innate love of travel.

You are ambitious, responsible and idealistic. These powers have been the foundation of humanity’s driving force for the past century and have been responsible for our growth as a people. You will need to work on balancing your ambition and idealism with practical and esoteric responsibility. You have personal goals and passions, but you believe in doing something more and bigger than yourself. The pull of both will be your life’s challenge.

You are extremely optimistic and idealistic. You’re a deep thinker and helpful to others. Don’t become discouraged when others don’t have the same outlook as you do. Show them grace and continue to walk in the natural zeal you have for life.

Extreme idealism and ambition can be overwhelming for you. You can let small things consume you to a point of loss of emotional control. In addition to showing others grace, you must first work on showing yourself grace. 


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