What Is Numerology

Understanding Numerology and the role it plays in our lives.

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In simple terms, numerology is the science of numbers and the role in which they play in your lives. Each number has significance and influence to space, time, personality, and even purpose. By understanding the meaning of numbers, you can focus on better preparing for life’s lessons and manifesting the life you desire.


Numerology is an ancient science dating back thousands of years. Cultures spanning from Egypt and China to Japan and Greece used it as the basis for their existence including for agriculture, predicting weather patterns, and forecasting natural disasters.

Pythagoras (569-470 B.C.) was a key figure in the development of modern day numerology. He was a mathematician and philosopher who believed that there was a certain number pattern in creation. Pythagoras observed that these numbers all possessed a unique energy and meaning that would help us appreciate the nature of the universe on a much deeper level.


Numerology recognizes that numbers are vibrations, and each number is different from the next. I believe numbers are the Universal form of communication because human life has a very intimate connection with numbers. They have meaning in our lives on not just a practical level, but also a spiritual level. I am taking ancient numerology-based on the original Pythagorean philosophy-and offering modern understanding and application. While Numeroguide shares the meaning of numbers and number sequences, the way in which the Universe communicates to you through them is entirely unique and personal.

We are surrounded by numbers in all aspects of our lives, as they are the first way the Universe tries to communicate with us. Once you have a  better understanding of numerology, numbers and their specific sequences can’t be ignored. I hope that you will begin to feel more connected and purposeful in Mind, Body, Spirit. 


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