September Horoscope Virgo Season

Virgo’s influence for the month of September.

virgo illustration katy smail

Illustrated by Katy Smail

There are certain vibrational influences when a person is born. They can be analyzed numerologically to asses individual personality via a person’s date of birth. This is the basis of numerology. At the same time of someone’s birth, the earth is also receiving vibrational influences from the sun and its position in relation to celestial bodies and constellations. This is the basis of astrology.

Virgo – August 23 to September 22


Be cautious of letting your innate pull to perfection throw you off balance and push you into over-anxiety. Showing yourself grace and patience will do you good. You work best under encouraging, appreciative direction, so make sure to guard yourself from doubting emotions that may arise when you don’t receive constructive criticism, particularly at work or with your significant other. While your default may be to criticize yourself, don’t obsess over the small things.


The bowels and skin play a vital role in the health of every person, but especially for Virgo. There is a tendency for you to suffer from clogged respiratory and pores, impeding the elimination of toxic matter through perspiration. This can also affect your temperature, making you feel sluggish and craving cool air. Foods rich in potassium sulphate, which help with cleansing, will help you greatly. These include: green vegetables, raw hazelnuts, dried figs and raisins, avocado, carrots, corn, and eggplant. Exercises where you sweat, such as heated yoga or pilates, will also help you clear toxins and feel more balanced physically.


Awareness cannot be achieved when emphasis is directed toward the physical body or its sensational involvement. For example, just because you enjoy being active and one with nature, does not necessarily mean you are learning to be one with yourself. You must learn to look within and be open to listening to your inner voice. That is the start of consciousness.


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