Numero Finds

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zodiac cocktails book

This is a fun new book that serves up cocktail recipes that fit your zodiac sign. My Capricorn fav is the Juan Collins.

gold tray

I use this tray for my prayer alter. I keep candles, crystals, sage, and everything else right in this tray for an organized and pretty rituals vignette.

frida pillar candle

I keep this Frida Kahlo candle on my prayer alter as a reminder to be creative and bold.

the power of now book

I first read The Power of Now ten summers ago and make a point to read it every summer. It was that powerful for me.

witch hazel

I always use toner after removing makeup and sunblock because it gives my skin a deeper cleaning. My skin loves this witch hazel toner.

dr teals epsom salt

This is my go-to bath soak for everything from long days to new moons. It smells so good and is super moisturizing. I also get more bang for my buck with this bag!

crystals healing book

I just bought this book to learn more about crystals. It’s easy to read and satiates my curiosity (and practical side) about how powerful energy is.

natural eucalyptus oil

I use this natural eucalyptus oil for everything! I mix a few drops with water and use as a pillow mist, for my yoga mat, and in my car floors for a more zen commute to work.

brass bowl

These brass bowls are intended for shaving soap, but I use them to keep my hair-ties, beauty samples and crystals in for a chic catch-all for small items I need and love.

swell marble water bottle

One small but important health tweak I’ve made this year is bringing water everywhere. I keep this Swell water bottle with me instead of buying plastic bottled water.