The Meaning Of Ruling Number 9

the meaning of ruling number 9

What my birthday ruling number means.

Your Ruling Number is the total sum of your broken down to a single number. It is also the symbolic number of you life path and serves as your numerological pathway through which you can further evolve and progress in life. It is your life’s guiding number and a foundational reminder of your true self during times of hardship and uncertainty.

the meaning of number 9

Life’s Purpose:

The number nine is a powerful mind number. Those with a Ruling Number nine are incredibly responsible and well-suited for art over science, humanitarian over corporate pursuits. They are idealistic at heart, but translating idealism into practice or action can be hard for them. This is why their life purpose is to work on practical action for their idealism and passion.

Distinctive Traits:

Your progressive growth qualities are ambition, idealism, ambition and personal responsibility. You’re extremely honest and hold a high standard for others to be as well. When they aren’t, you are easily disappointed.

While these positive traits are the foundation of Ruling Number nine personalities, one negative tendency is to fall victim to hypocrisy. Ruling Number nines can have an ego about impressing their ideals on others. They can also have difficulty saving money because they are so idealistic that they believe it will boomerang back to them if they need it.

People with Ruling Number nine need to practice patience and persistence. They can come across as overly serious, so it’s important that they learn to loosen up, laugh and find balance to life.


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