The Three Levels Of Self

How our varying layers of self tell us who we are.

the three levels of self

Numerology allows you to approach a deeper level of meaning and understanding of the self. Pythagoras taught that there are essentially three levels of self, and that they are all connected and make-up who we are as humans. Basic, Conscious and Higher Self are the three aspects of what make up the essence of our being.

Prior to understanding the numerological aspect of what makes us who we are, I always felt that everyone had at least two different sides. There’s the “you” who shows up at work, the “you” who lets loose with her friends and the “you” that your romantic partner sees. All of these “yous” seemed outward facing, so I found it really interesting and eye-opening when I started to study the inward essence of “you” via Pythagorean numerology.  

Basic Self:

Basic Self represents our primary and practical level of who we are. The five physical senses (see, touch, taste, hear, smell) along with laughing, crying, talking are basic physical activities that make up the Basic Self. It is the body’s primary level of human expression. Basic Self in its fullness lives on the Physical Plane of numbers 1, 4, 7 of your Birth Chart.

Conscious Self:

Your thoughts and attitude live in your Conscious Self. It is the domain of joy or sadness and also where memory, creativity and idealism reside. Conscious Self serves as the connection between Basic Self and High self and is also the bridge between the right and left lobes of your brain. In the positive, Conscious Self is the balance between human instinct and human spirit. In the negative, it becomes unconscious, deceitful, stressful, victimized, and reactive. Conscious Self is anchored in the memory, linking past knowledge with present experiences. When it is channeled positively, it becomes the foundation of self-esteem, thoughtful idealism and creativity. The numbers of the Mind Plane are 3, 6, 9 of your Birth Chart.

Higher Self:

Your spiritual, moral and philosophical values are where you’ll find Higher Self. Higher Self expresses itself as intuition, wisdom and true love. It is the God within us. The Higher Self lives on the Soul Plane and included numbers 2, 5, 8 of your Birth Chart.


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