What Does My Birth Chart Mean

What does my birthday tell me about myself?

what does my birth date really mean

What does your birth date really mean? Pythagoras taught that humans consisted of three levels of self: Basic Self, Conscious Self, and High Self. Each level of self is connected and expressed in varying degrees depending on who you are. Who you are (your inner self) is expressed in the Pythagorean Birth Chart. The purpose of the Birth Chart is to show you a pattern of your strengths, weaknesses and ultimate potential based on your birth date.


the three birth chart planes

Step 1:

Convert your full numeric birth date including your full year. For example, I was born January 10, 1987 or 1/10/1098.

Step 2:

The Birth Chart is drawn like a tic-tac-toe board.

Step 3:

Fill in your birth date adhering to the number plane sequence. If numbers are missing from your birth date, leave those spaces blank. The most numbers you can have in your birth date is eight; the maximum number spaces that can be filled seven. Remember, zero is not a number, but a symbol, and is therefore not included in the Birth Chart.


my birth date and birth chart (1)

Step 4:

Once your Birth Chart is filled out, you have your basic individuality formula! Notice the levels of self and where your numbers fit in them. The numbers in each plane give you a general idea of which self is most fluently expressed. This Birth Chart can also give you an idea of how your significant others prefer to communicate or express themselves.

My Birth Chart reveals my Spiritual plane to be my weakest. My dominate drength appears in my Physical plane with three 1’s. One is at the beginning of the Physical plane and refers to the expression of the physical body in terms of relationship to the outside world. It’s a reliable indication of how I react to people and circumstances in my immediate environment. It represents my degree of self-control and the degree in which my ego is expressed.


the three birth chart planes

Three 1’s can mean two things. If you have three 1’s and no numbers on the Soul plane, then it generally indicates that you are quiet, shy or somewhat introspective especially around strangers. Another meaning, and what it means in my case, is that I am talkative, bright and interesting. I find life enjoyable and seek to share joy with others.

One 7 on my Birth Chart means that sacrifices in matters of health, love and money are part of my journey and soul’s unfolding. The lesson on money is that you give things up to acquire more. The lesson on health and love is that both need to be nourished. But in love, it also needs to be unconditional. Love can’t exist when associated with emotional demands and expectations. Loss in any of these areas suck at the time, of course, but they’re intended to teach me resilience and strengthen my attitude and outlook on life. And boy have they.

One 8 on my Birth Chart means that when I’m living positively I am methodical and meticulous. Cleanliness and attention to detail are important to me. Practical wisdom is the foundation to my development and independence. If I’m living negatively, life becomes emotionally unstable resulting in frequent changes in home, career or relationships.

Brief Summary Of My Birth Chart:

I’m bright, talkative, enjoy life and want other to enjoy life. I’m also driven by ego (hello!) and the intrinsic need to communicate. Because my Spiritual plane is my weakness, I’m on a constant journey to strengthen it via my dominate Physical plane, which embrasses verbal expression, motivation, organization, patience and learning through sacrifice. I’ve certainly experienced life changing lessons around love, money and health that have guided me to where I am today and hopefully prepared me for anything else I may endure in life. I realize that I do love unconditionally, but often have to remind myself that it can’t exist with emotional demands or expectations. And 8! My poor gypsy soul has packed up and moved many a mile when I wasn’t in sync with my inner-self. Everyday I’m working on the tidiness and organization component in my home life, because well, my husband is a slob. It’s true. When things are messy I feel off balance, but then I have to circle back to the “unconditional love” thing and mosey along.

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