What Ruling Numbers Care The Most About Their Looks

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You can thank your birthday for how long it takes you to get ready in the morning

We all care about how we look in some form or fashion, but did you know that people with certain Ruling Numbers innately care more about their physical appearance? If we take a look at the Levels of Self we’ll see that our Physical Plane is comprised of numbers 1, 4 and 7 on the Birth Chart. Digging deeper into the Ruling Number, which is all of the numbers in your birthday deduced to a single or double number, you can see how you might care more about your looks based on certain born numerology traits. Let’s take a look!


ruling number 10

Since there isn’t a Ruling Number 1, those whose birthdays add up to one really are Ruling Number 10’s. 10’s take on traits from the Physical Plane of 1, which is the first number of the ego and communication. 10’s may feel the need to express themselves through their physical appearance as an expression of ego and communication. While 10’s have a natural zest for life and are easily like-able, when life gets out of balance, they can become a bit insecure which can sometimes lead them to sprucing up their physical appearance to balance out any emotional insecurity they may be feeling. We all get out of balance at times, so it’s really not so bad if 10’s are naturally inclined to go get a fresh manicure to help pull themselves out of a slump and make them feel better.


ruling number 11

11’s take on the ego from 1 on the Birth Chart but in a double capacity. Those with a Ruling Number 11 are attracted to life’s beauty. They are in a constant battle between digging deeper into their natural spirituality and awareness and their love for beauty, refinement and culture. 11’s are deep and caring people with an added layer of appreciation for physical attractions. 11’s are the type to not only plan a vacation around cultural activities and architectural beauties, but they are also the ones to plan their outfits around those activities. 11’s can come across as materialistic and shallow because they have such a deep appreciation for pretty things, but it’s really just a genuine and natural awe for the art of it all.


ruling number 4

4 is another number that exists on the Physical Plane. They are easily gratified by the physical things in life, and much of their experiences are related to material aspects. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with 4’s love of making money and wanting to enjoy it. They’ve got a closet full of practical staple pieces and prefer quality over quantity. 4’s prefer a structured handbags made of quality construction and are probably the first of their friends to update their iPhone when the new model comes out.


ruling number 8

Ruling Number 8’s take on the traits of 4’s doubly. They too are gratified by the physical things in life, but they also have an innate confidence about them that can come across as cool or indifferent. 8’s are fiercely independent and with great potential for success. They want to do well in everything in life, including their physical fitness and appearance. 8’s not only care about their looks, but they  also appreciate others who take care in their looks. You might recognize an 8 at the gym because she’ll be in the cutest fitness outfit and doing some impressive reps, too. 


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