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Numerology compatibility for romantic relationships

Numerology serves as a guide for us to evaluate ourselves and our relations to others, including our current and future romantic partners. Our Ruling Numbers can give great insight into our inner-self and our compatibility with others. It can also show us our weaknesses and areas of opportunity for when our Ruling Numbers don’t exactly sync with those we love.

Have you ever thought about how you were drawn to your partner? Was it a physical attraction that later led to love? Did you begin your relationship from a foundation of friendship, or were you instantly attracted to your partner’s mind? D, all of the above? No matter the initial connection, Numerology (and every other magazine relationship column) teaches us that there’s far more than initial attraction needed to maintain a happy long term relationship. If we consider that our human existence is comprised of three Planes (mind, body spirit) then it makes sense that those three aspects would need to be nourished in a relationship as well.

Mentally, we’d need to excite each other and our individual awareness of life. Physically, we’d want our emotions stimulated. Spiritually, we’d absolutely have to share a deep passion for each other and life.

Your Ruling Number is found by adding the total numbers in your birthday. In Pythagorean Numerology, there is no Ruling Number 1, as it is the absolute number symbolizing unity in the world and human ego. Instead, one would be Ruling Number 10.

Ruling Number 2:

YoU are generally a sensitive, supportive and unassuming person. While you possess the desire to lead, you work very well under dynamic leadership. You are unique in that you provide loyal and intuitive support. You do well at your own pace but can become flustered if having to be rushed. Your best expression is delicate through art or writing as guided through your intuition.


2’s are sensitive and intuitive and pair well with creatives and those who can express their feelings well. 2’s should avoid those who need consistent practice against insecurity (10’s), rebellion (8’s) and relentless freedom (5’s).

Ruling Number 3:

You are an insatiable thinker since you are ruled by the Mind Plane. You are driven by your mental capabilities which include planning and analyzing. You are mentally alert and have a keen sense of humor. Your natural wit makes you fun to be around for those who understand it. You generally have a successful working and social life though you can be critical and intense at times. Not living positively, you can have an unpleasant arrogance and find fault in those closest to you. This constant criticism can be detrimental to relationships, so make sure you are practicing balance and grace.


3’s are of the Mind and need partners who are equally bright to feel as if they’ve met their equal. Alternatively, 3’s can find a solid partnership in 8’s so long as both have understanding of each other’s needs. Both have an innate arrogance that the other admires and respects.

Ruling Number 4:

You live on the Physical Plane and are easily gratified by material things. Much of your experience is related to the material aspects of life. You emphasize physical expression and experience, but as you evolve you embrace the more practical aspects to Ruling Number 4 such as organization and building a foundation for life. You enjoy making money and are more orthodox than adventurous. You can rarely sit still and are always on the go You are systematic, trustworthy and reliable. You can be extremely patient with practical things, but when it comes to intellectual or spiritual aspect, you are impatient. It is normal for you to become absorbed in your work and neglect balance, especially at home. As you neglect balance, you can become frustratedly ambitious and materialistic leading to chronic unhappiness.


4’s need balance from those that are driven by materialism. They can pair well with a mature and aware 8, but a less conscious 8 would be detrimental. The same goes for a positive 7. A wise 7 can help 4 learn from life’s lessons, but a weak 7 will accompany 4 in a life of chronic unhappiness. 4’s can also work well with 6’s that have mastered their worry and directed their creative energy to keeping their home in order. This type of match works better usually for older or more lived couples who’ve prioritized home life.

Ruling Number 5:

People with Ruling Number 5 strive to be free from construction. You have a highly sensitive nature and inherent need to express your feelings. The mastery of sensitive expression is your ultimate purpose and can only be achieved when adequate freedom prevails. You are on a constant journey to seek understanding of your emotions, though few realize that your drive for freedom is so you can live completely free. You find it hard to work regulated hours and can have a strong desire to travel or have frequent job changes. Doing so with awareness can help you attain freedom and enlightenment. You have a strong artistic flair and are usually good natured that loves people and seeing others enjoy life. If your freedom is hindered you can become moody or rebellious.


5’s are free spirited people with high potential for success. They are sensitive people that find balance in creative 3’s and 6’s and conscious 11’s. Two 5’s can work with proper boundaries, as they have similar life paths and ambition. They must learn how to navigate Higher Planes together and in syncrisity as to not leave one behind.

Ruling Number 6:

Ruling Number 6 is the number of extremes depending on if you’re living positively or negatively. You have potential for great power living positively but can become extreme worriers if you’re living negatively or without balance. You have extreme creative potential but can be self-destructive with extreme doubt and worry. You excel when you can creative either publicly or privately at home. You feel your home is the most important place and enjoy spending time with loved ones. You are loving, unselfish and tolerant. If you don’t have balance, it’s very easy for you to be critical, whiny and worrisome. Don’t let your loving concern or possessiveness distract you from your freedom of expression.


6’s pair well with intuitive 2’s, aware 4’s who have matured in balance of life’s foundation, and can occasionally be a strong balance for evolved 8’s who needs a confident yet supportive anchor.

Ruling Number 7:

You gain maximum life experience through life’s lessons often times via personal sacrifice. You have a limitless capacity for learning as well as teaching. You enjoy sharing your experiences which lends to having a profound philosophy on life. 7’s have the need to learn, but you must do so in your own way. You accept minimum direction from others and you are hungry to learn by personal expression and involvement. You driving force is the need for personal experience which makes you inherently active in life. You have a natural fortitude and self-confidence which helps you handle life’s lessons. If you do not approach life through learning by lesson, you can live a sad life by not learning from your experiences. You will give advice to others but not take the same advice.


7’s pair well with intuitive 2’s and 10’s that have evolved past dependency and insecurity. Conscious 10’s can make great partners with conscious 7’s because 7’s learn from life lessons and 10’s are adaptable to life lessons.They have the potential to overcome together so long as they are in a positive conscious state.

Ruling Number 8:

Independence is one of the most important aspects to you. 8’s can be very complex and possess great wisdom and strength in character. You have enormous potential to be successful in business and have a great capacity for compassion and sympathy for those in need. You can have a hard time expressing love or appreciation which can hinder your relationships. You take pride in your appearance and appreciate the way others look as well. You have a self-confident manner that can come across as coolness or indifference. You often find difficulty in you love relationships because you can’t always express your feelings. Your difficulty with self-expression usually diminishes with maturity. As you learn to express your feelings more fluently, you increase in happiness and personal security.


8’s can work will with Ruling Numbers 3 since both have a natural arrogance. 3’s will admire 8 for their success but will need to work at getting 8’s to express themselves genuinely.  

Ruling Number 9:

Your prime Motivation is to put people before things. 9’s are ambitious, responsible and idealistic. While you are ambitious, you are more inclined to be concerned with the plan than the details. You find it easier to give or spend money than to save and can be a poor financial planner. You are connected to deeper levels of artistic expression. You have a high sense of personal responsibility and are disappointed when others aren’t so inclined. You have definitive thoughts on life, ideals and how people should be motivated.


9’s and 4’s can work well because of their differences. 4’s are practical and usually great with money which can offer a good balance for the idealistic non-planner. However, there may be a constant struggle between 4’s obsession with the Physical  and 9’s natural connection to the Spiritual. The pair works when there is  balance – 4 helping 9 become balanced with the practical and 9 helping 4 with things beyond material. 9’s can also make great partners with 2’s and 22’s that are highly intuitive and have mastered their strengths. Both Ruling Numbers are sensitive,  however, so there may be lots of time spent on feelings and understanding each other’s emotions.

Ruling Number 10:

Ruling Number 10 has the greatest range of expression. Living positively, you have a very likeable personality. 10’s are very adaptable and have potential for brilliant success. You are innately flexible which is a great asset when it comes to adjusting to life’s changes. You are naturally fearless and have a giddy excitement for life. When there isn’t balance, you can be insecure and dependent on others without even knowing why. You must avoid being lazy in life and must recognise the need to develop self-discipline to overcome melancholy and emotional insecurity You need to recognize your potential for the exceptional and practice mediation and self-care throughout life to tap into your inner-strength. Without this balance, it is easy for you to become lost in conformity and to be accepting of mediocrity.


10’s can pair well with aware and conscious 7’s who can learn from life’s lessons. Both Ruling Numbers are naturally adaptable to life’s changes which could make this pair a power couple that can overcome anything.

Ruling Number 11:

A high level of spirituality surrounds Ruling Number 11, though most people with this number fail to develop such awareness of Higher Self. You have great potential to guide others into enlightenment and awareness, but you are easily enticed by life’s physical attractions and diverted by your highest purpose. You are a lover of refinement, beauty and cultural values of life because it liberates you to express your innate beauty and spirituality. When you’re living naturally, you are dependable and honest with a deep love for family. When you are misdirected from your true path, you become bitter, spiteful and indifferent in attitude toward other people. You become lost and apathetic finding little solace in the material world.


11’s make excellent partners with aware 2’s and 22’s. If both people are aware and living their true selves, then the match could be a divine pairing. 11’s can also pair well with 5’s since both Ruling Numbers naturally seek to find enlightenment and express themselves freely.

Ruling Number 22/4:

The most powerful number, people born with 22 have an almost limitless potential to make their mark in life by achieving their goals. There are two types, however – the aware and unaware. Those who are aware harness their divine intuitivity of their life path as a double Ruling Number 2. Those who are unaware take on negative characteristics found in Ruling Number 4.  One noticeable trait of 22’s is your apparent lack of emotions. You have extreme emotional control which is regarded as anti-reactive rather than detached. You are actually sensitive, highly intuitive and a quick learner to a point where it seems like you’ve lived and learned in a life before. Your capacity for responsibility is almost limitless. You have a considerable aptitude for work and are obsessed with achieving. Those who use their strengths for good are highly successful. Those who do not, take on the negative aspects of Ruling Number 4, but worse. When this happens, they live life materialistically and have an obsession for money, become aloof and unhappy.


When living consciously, 22’s have double the intuitiveness of 2’s. They pair well with highly spiritual 11’s that share similar ambition. They can also pair well with smart 3’s and 6’s so long as both are living intuitively in their true paths.  22’s should avoid those who need consistent practice against insecurity (10’s), rebellion (8’s) and relentless freedom (5’s).


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